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– What will be the political scenario in the country after 2
Taxing with intelligence

Govt. has taken many steps to simplify the tax rules. There are still gaps which need to be filled. As per one of the reports, 2017 (Oxfam), 1% population has 73% national wealth. This is really big concern for any country to have such divide. This may be due to either wrong implementation of policies or wrong policies itself. How to bridge this divide? It is big challenge for the Govt. Let everyone contribute in Nation Building. There are organisations and individuals not in tax net. Certain areas to be addressed on priority like Cryptocurrency which will be difficult to tackle in future if steps are not taken immediately. Few steps for consideration for improving revenue: 1. Govt. has no methodology or mechanism to assess the income of Professionals like doctors, lawyers, traders, contractors, film/TV actors, media houses etc. where tax compliance is not good. Govt. should work out methods to assess the correct income and numbers in this category. 2. Make NGOs and Party fund taxable thru an amendments in Income Tax Act 1961. Let them contribute something for the Nation. Such funds should be completely cashless (receipt and expenditure) and transparent, details to be available on their website. 3. Tax on cryptocurrency transactions. Govt. has very little information in this field. 4. Implement GST in more pragmatic way still lot of gaps exist. 5. Make low income group people i.e. upto 5 lakhs scrutiny free to develop trust and faith with tax department and people pay their due tax and file return. 6. Tax compliance is still very low specially in professional and business category. They are not in the Govt. monitoring system. It means non-filing monitoring system requires re-look. Monitoring system works when something is in system. Think how to identify such people or organisation?

Show cause notice for delay in providing the information

The complainant sought attested copies of his answer book, some confidential documents and other related information. The CIC noted that the RTI application was received on 03.01.2014 and it was transferred to the Electrical department on 16.01.2014. The evaluated answer sheets were in the custody of the Electrical Department and the same were provided by PIO (Electrical) finally on 18.06.2015. The custodian of the confidential documents was the gazetted section and the Electrical Department and both were asked to furnish the requisite information but the delay occurred due to their non-performance in furnishing the sought for information to the personnel branch. The CIC observed that complete information had since been furnished to the applicant but the delay in furnishing the requisite information was due to wrong return of the transferred RTI application by the PIO (Electrical) and due to the time taken for collecting details from gazetted section which was the custodian of the relevant records. The CIC directed them to submit an explanation for the resultant delays of 14 months and 17 months respectively for furnishing the requisite information at the next date of hearing before it which is scheduled on 04.04.2018 at 04.45 PM.


In case of any malafide denial of information, a penalty of Rs 250/- per day extending to a maximum of Rs 25,000/- may be imposed on the PIO under the provisions of the RTI Act. The onus that the denial of information has been in good faith lies on the PIO.

Citation: Amarjeet Singh v. Northern Railway in File No.: CIC/BJ/C/2016/000001, Date of hearing: 20.12.2017, 22.02.2018

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